Splash Aquatic Lift

Splash Aquatic Lift

The Splash Aquatic Lift is designed to offer easy pool access to swimmers with disabilities. It has a weight capacity of 181.5 kg for the Standard lift and 136 kg for the Extended Reach. Powered by a 24v battery and screw-driven actuator, the Splash features mechanized up, down, left and right motion with a 344-degree rotation. Its design and durable construction ensure reliable operation and minimal service needs.

Maintenance requirements for the Splash are minimal, as its components are made from corrosion-resistant materials like powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum. The lift’s seat is designed with user safety, comfort, and transfer ease in mind.

The water-resistant hand control enables either the user or the attendant to control the lift with ease. The LiftOperator control box and battery are also water-resistant. A cover is available for purchase and is recommended for protecting the lift during long-term storage.

The standard footrest is removable and floats upward to prevent damage if the lift is lowered too far. The Splash also offers a sling option that can be used in place of the seat. By removing the arm and seat assembly and attaching the sling jib, the sling can be retrofitted to the lift. The sling and Jib are compatible with existing Splash, Pal, and Pal2 lifts.

Included in the package are the Splash! Lift, Hand Controller, Deck Anchor, Footrest, Caddie, Arm Rests, Battery Charger, Battery Cover, and Seat Belt Assembly.

The Splash! Lift operation is straightforward. The client accesses the lift seat and uses the left and right buttons on the hand controller to rotate the lift over the pool. The client then uses the up or down button to raise or lower the seat. Getting out is just as simple.

Installation is typically achieved by attaching the lift to the pool deck using a square deck anchor that will be cored into the pool deck.

Optional extras include a Sling and Jib Attachment which can be used instead of the seat to lift and lower. The Spine Board Attachment, which works with any standard spine board (not included), can be used to extract an injured swimmer from a pool. The Total Cover can be used to protect your investment when the lift is not in use.

The Splash! Lift is available in three configurations:
Splash Standard – Suits most applications. (Max. 700mm from water at water level)
Splash Extended Reach – For pools requiring a longer reach.
Splash Hi/Lo – For pools requiring a higher & deeper reach with high hob/coping

Shipping Dimensions:
Standard – 102 x 122 x 152cm (L x W x H) 127kg
E/R – 102 x 122 x 198cm (L x W x H) 152kg

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    Splash Aquatic Lift - Standard N/A
    Splash Aquatic Lift - Extended Reach N/A
    Splash Aquatic Lift - Hi/Lo N/A
    Lift Cover N/A
    Spine Board Attachment N/A
    Extra Deck Anchor (multiple locations) N/A
    Replacement Battery suits LiftOperator N/A
    Stability Strap (for new seat design) N/A
    Sling and Jib Attachment N/A
    LiftOperator Control Unit N/A
    Charger (LiftOperator) with Adaptor N/A
    Battery for LiftOperator N/A
    Hand Controller (4 Way) N/A
    Pool/Spa Lift Available On Request 230mm x 300mm Metal Sign N/A
    Type: Spa and Pool Accessibility Equipment,

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