PAL Hi-Lo Portable Aquatic Lift

PAL Hi-Lo Portable Aquatic Lift

The Pal Hi-Lo Aquatic Lift is a portable, free-standing lift that can be easily moved by one person. It has a lifting capacity of 136 kg and a 240-degree rotation, making it suitable for facilities with both in-ground pools and raised spas. The Pal Hi-Lo is battery-powered and operated by a screw-driven actuator, providing full mechanized left, right, up, and down motion. The system is designed for consistent operation and minimal service problems.

The components of the Pal Hi-Lo are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum construction, ensuring durability and requiring little maintenance. The unique seat of the lift was specifically designed for user safety, comfort, and ease of transfer. The hand control is water-resistant, allowing either the user or the attendant to control its operation with ease. It has a rotation of 240 degrees, and the LiftOperator control box and battery are water-resistant. An optional cover is recommended for purchase to protect the system during long storage periods.

The seating system used is the result of years of research. The seat is deeper and higher than standard to provide a more stable platform for sitting, accommodating swimmers with reduced trunk stability. The flattened seat eliminates any ridge that could hamper transferring, and sections of the seat have attachment points for both the standard seat belt assembly and an optional stability vest. The standard, molded plastic footrest is removable and will float upwards to prevent damage if the user lowers the chair too low over the deck.

The armrests have been strengthened to allow for support during transfers onto the seat. They can be rotated out of the way during transfers and can be added to a seat after the fact without the need to purchase an entire new seat assembly. A sling option is available that can be used instead of the seat by removing the arm and seat assembly and replacing it with the Sling Jib. The sling and jib can be retrofitted to existing Splash, Pal, and Pal2 lifts.

What’s included:
Pal Hi-Lo Lift, Footrest, Arm Rests, Battery Charger, Battery Cover and Seat Belt Assembly. (Note: Pal Secure Kit shown in the video is not required in Australia)

The client accesses the lift seat then using the left and right buttons on the hand controller rotates the lift over the pool then using the up or down button to raise or lower the seat. The client can then be floated off the seat. Getting out is just as simple.

Move lift to where needed.

Optional Extras:
Sling and Jib Attachment
Use instead of the seat to lift and lower.

Spine Board Attachment
The Spine Board Attachment works with any standard spine board (not included). Simply remove the chair assembly by pulling the attachment pin and replace that assembly with the Spine Board Attachment. One person can easily extract an injured swimmer from a pool.

Use the cover to protect your investment when not in use.

Seat Pad
White, waterproof seat pad designed to enhance comfort and minimise potential skin damage that could occur during transfer is available as an optional accessory.

Shipping Dimensions:
102 x 122 x 152cm (L x W x H) 542 kg

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