Pool Cleaning Equipment & Maintenance

Maintaining your pool and keeping it clean is important. We offer a range of quality pool equipment from rakes through to automatic pool cleaners. They are engineered to work smart, keeping your pool sparkling clean and trouble-free.

Residential and Commercial Pool Cleaning Equipment

Commercial and domestic pools are a hub of activity, catering to swimmers seeking recreation and relaxation. As pool owners or operators, ensuring proper pool maintenance is essential for providing a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

The key to maintaining swimming pools lies in investing in high-quality pool cleaning equipment.

Our Range of Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment

  • Pool Cleaning Products: Keeping the pool floor and walls clean from dirt and debris is vital. Our pool cleaning products, thoughtfully designed and engineered, offer efficient solutions for scrubbing away impurities, leaving your clean pool immaculate and inviting.
  • Manual Pool Cleaning Equipment: A diverse range of pool cleaning tools awaits you at Aquachem. From manual vacuum heads to pool brushes, our equipment simplifies pool maintenance and ensures effective cleaning.
  • Robotic Pool Cleaners: Embrace the cutting-edge technology of robotic pool cleaners. These intelligent devices navigate pool floors, walls, and waterlines autonomously, providing unmatched cleaning performance and freeing up your time to focus on other essential tasks.
  • Pool Handover Kits: Our pool handover kits are comprehensive solutions for maintaining a pristine pool environment. These kits include essential cleaning accessories and water test strips or kits, ensuring that your pool water quality and clarity remain at their best.
  •  Pool Cleaning Hoses: Upgrade your pool cleaning routine with our durable and easy-to-use pool hoses. Designed to withstand the demands of commercial pool cleaning, these pool hoses add convenience and efficiency to your maintenance process.

Benefits of Using Pool Cleaning Equipment

  • Efficient and Time-saving: Investing in pool and spa pool cleaning equipment significantly reduces the time and effort required for pool maintenance. These tools and devices work efficiently, ensuring that your pool remains clean and inviting with minimal manual labour.
  • Superior Cleaning Performance: Our top-notch pool cleaning equipment delivers superior cleaning performance, effectively removing dirt, debris, and leaves from the pool floor and walls. Say goodbye to unsightly impurities and hello to a sparkling pool surface.
  • Reduces Chemical Usage: Efficient pool cleaning equipment minimises the need for excessive chemical usage. By maintaining balanced water chemistry, you not only save on chemical costs but also contribute to a healthier pool environment.
  • Minimises Pool Downtime: Regular cleaning and maintenance with our pool equipment minimises pool downtime. Your pool will remain usable, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  • Enhances Pool Water Quality and Clarity: Improve the quality and clarity of your pool water with our cleaning equipment. By removing debris and impurities, the water remains crystal clear, creating an inviting ambience for swimmers.
  • Pool Preservation: Regular maintenance is essential for pool preservation as it extends the pool’s lifespan, minimising the likelihood of expensive repairs or replacements. Clients can save on long-term costs and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

Why Choose Us for Your Pool Cleaning Equipment

  • Extensive Selection of Top-notch Products: Aquachem takes pride in offering an extensive selection of high-quality pool cleaning equipment. With top-notch products at your fingertips, maintaining your pool becomes a breeze.
  • Unparalleled Expertise in Pool Equipment: Our team of pool equipment experts possesses unparalleled expertise in the industry. We understand the unique needs of commercial pool owners and operators, guiding you towards the most suitable equipment for your specific requirements.
  • Exceptional Customer Support and Advice: At Aquachem, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated team provides exceptional customer support, offering expert advice and personalised assistance to ensure you make informed decisions.

Contact Aquachem For Domestic and Commercial Pool Equipment

Discover the full range of our residential and commercial pool cleaning equipment by visiting our products page. We offer a variety of options to suit your unique pool maintenance needs.

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Our pool equipment experts are ready to help you create a clean and inviting pool environment.