Multilift Aquatic Lift

Multilift Aquatic Lift

The easy to store MultiLift Aquatic Lift is designed with a small footprint. The folding design keeps it as small as possible. It is easy to install with just four anchor bolts. To ensure the perfect line up of the bolts, the MultiLift Aquatic Lift is supplied with a Retrofit Anchor Jig.

Its small size makes it ideal for aged care, rehab & home pools. Its highest lifting capacity is 159 kg. This 24v battery powered & operated lift features an up & down full mechanised motion. Its specialised design & durability ensures consistent operation and minimises problems

Maintenance-free virtually. All the components are made from corrosion-resistant materials. The powder-coated stainless steel and Aluminium too. The specially designed seat provides the greatest possible safety, comfort and ease of transfer.

The water-resistant hand control allows both the user and the attendant to control operation with ease. The control box and battery are also water-resistant.

Removable standard moulded plastic footrest will float upwards to prevent damage if the user lowers the chair too low over the deck.

Package includes:

Hand Controller, Footrest, Seat with Arm Rests, Battery Charger & Seat Belt Assembly.

Installation Procedure:

installation requires four holes to be drilled into the pool deck. Then the anchors need to be inserted and bolts tightened to keep the lift unit in place.

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