Train Right Training Package

Train Right Training Package

The Train Right System, developed by Colorado Time Systems, is designed to help athletes reach their maximum potential. This comprehensive set of training tools provides real-time visual feedback for both coaches and athletes, recreating the competitive experience with sound and touch.

The PC-Pro Pace Clock is a versatile device that displays precise feedback on various training parameters such as relay exchange time, start reaction time, turn time, pace, lap time, and breakout time. Coaches and athletes can use this multifunctional clock to fine-tune their performance.

Moreover, each component of the Train Right System can be used during competitions and other training sessions, making it a valuable asset for any athlete looking to improve their skills.

Whats Included:
1 x PC-Pro Pace Clock
1 x “Mini” 76cm x 90cm Touchpad
1 x Relay Judging Platform with Speedlights 50 x 50cm
(other sizes are available on request)
1 x Infinity Start System*
1 x Tri-Pod
1 x Pushbutton
1 x 7.5m Starter Cable

*Speedlights will not activate with the Infinity Start System.

Expansion Options:
Add another “Mini” 76cm x 90cm Touchpad
25m Pool Touchpad Extension Cable – 30m / 100ft
50m Pool Touchpad Extension Cable – 50m / 165ft
Champstart Starting System with Speedlight support
Underwater Speaker for use with Champstart

We can customise a system that’s right for you.

    Select Size

    Training System One Lane TR-SYS-1-220 N/A
    Touchpad Mini 76 x 90 cm N/A
    25m Pool Touchpad Extension Cable - 30m / 100ft N/A
    50m Pool Touchpad Extension Cable - 50m / 165ft N/A
    Champstart Starting System N/A
    Tri-Pod for Pro Pace Clock N/A
    Underwater Speaker for for use with Champstart N/A
    Brand: Colorado Time Systems,
    Type: Timing & Start Systems,

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