Colorado Touchpad System

Colorado Touchpad System

A Basic Touchpad Timing System is comprised of several components, such as the Gen7 Timer, Touchpads, Starting System, Cables, Back-up Buttons, and with or without a Scoreboard. The configuration of these systems is tailored to your specific requirements, and additional equipment may be necessary. It should be noted that this system is distinct from the Dolphin Wireless Timing System and cannot be used as an add-on.

Gen7 Legacy Timer

The Gen7 Timer serves as the hub for a Basic Touchpad Timing System, receiving input signals from devices such as Touchpads, Back-Up Buttons, and Starting devices. It provides control over all system devices and outputs to Scoreboards, clocks, and data recording devices. To operate the Gen7 Timer, a Windows® laptop or tablet is necessary as the primary user interface, with Ethernet connectivity to the timer. The Gen7 Legacy Timer can support in-deck and on-deck systems with up to 12 lanes and allows you to efficiently utilize existing CTS equipment with accuracy. The Gen7 Timer logs and saves all timing data, and in the event of issues with the user interface, the timer will continue running and finish the race. The timer also includes integrated pre-meet diagnostic tools to check system setup and health, eliminating the need to set up a test race. Additionally, new diagnostic tools allow for the detection of possible connection issues throughout the timing system.

The latest improvements and advancements in technology comprise of the following:

  • An intuitive software interface, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Multiple options for a flexible user interface, giving users the ability to customize their experience.
  • Facility network connectivity, allowing for seamless communication between devices.
  • Enhanced diagnostics, providing a more accurate and efficient system.
  • Race finish safeguard, ensuring fair and accurate results.
  • Integrated 2.4GHz wireless technology for scoreboards, enabling real-time updates and scores.

The Gen7 legacy timer is equipped with the latest technology and includes all of the essential features that you have come to expect from your Colorado Time Systems Timing Console. These features are as follows:

  • Enhanced split handling to provide more accurate and detailed timing information.
  • Cumulative/subtractive splits for improved analysis of swimmer performance.
  • Relay judging to ensure fair and accurate relay results.
  • Start reaction display to monitor and display swimmers’ reaction times.
  • Up to 12 lane timing to accommodate larger events.
  • Declare start/finish end for more precise timing.
  • Automatic lane arming for streamlined operation.
  • Manual arm/finish arm options for flexibility and customization.
  • Scoreboard cycling to display important information and updates in real-time.
  • Intelligent button time handling with backup time adjustment per governing rules to ensure accurate results.
  • Interface to 3rd party meet management software for enhanced event management.
  • Indicate disqualified, no show, & exhibition swimmers for proper record keeping and results.
  • User selectable resolution for timing to 1/100th or 1/1000th of a second for more precise timing.
  • Basic pace clock functionality to provide a convenient timing reference for swimmers and coaches.

Training Keyboard

The Training Keyboard is designed to assist operators in training on the Gen7 Legacy Timer. It emulates Touchpad and Button actions, eliminating the need for actual touchpads, buttons, cable harnesses, and starting systems during operator training. This means that operators can now train from anywhere without any equipment setup.

Championship Start System

The ChampStart or Championship Start System is a highly durable and performance-oriented device suitable for larger aquatic facilities. It is a high-powered unit that can drive 2 x 10W or up to 12 x 6W individual speakers, which can be mounted under starting platforms. The device also features RJP speedlights that provide visual start signals. The ChampStart includes a wired microphone with three separate microphone inputs and independent volume control for each input. The microphone volume is independent of the start tone volume, ensuring clear and distinct sound. The built-in strobe flashes with the start signal, and additional external strobe lights can be added for enhanced visibility. The LED Low Battery Indicator shows the battery level, and the device can be used with a tripod. The Championship Start System is the preferred device for use with the Gen7 Legacy Timer.


The Tripod is a versatile accessory that can be used with the Infinity, Championship Start systems, Portable Scoreboards, and Pace/Shot Clocks. The mounting bracket, which is screwed onto the starter unit using the included screws, enables the quick removal and installation of the device onto the Tripod bracket with the use of thumbscrews. Each leg of the Tripod is equipped with a rubber foot to provide sure footing.

Infinity Start System

The Infinity Start System is an ideal entry-level device for start systems. It comes with a highly visible built-in orange strobe light that flashes automatically when the horn sounds, providing fair starts for hearing-impaired athletes and serving as a visual indicator for timekeepers. The system also includes a wired microphone that allows for limited public address announcements during practice and competitions. The false start recall feature enables the starter to signal a false start and immediately alert competitors. The Infinity Start System is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. The LED Low Battery Indicator shows the battery level. While the Infinity Start System can be used on a Basic Touchpad System, it cannot control Lane Speakers, Relay Judging Platforms, or Speedlights (RJP). It has a shorter battery life and cannot be used on AC power.

External Speaker

When the pool is wide, use the external speaker on the Infinity Start Systems or ChampStart to ensure that competitors on the far side can hear the start signal. Additionally, the speaker can be used to extend the range of the public address without requiring additional power. The Infinity start system and ChampStart are capable of powering one external speaker. However, note that the end plug is different for the Champstart and Infinity, so a proper connection is necessary. The external speaker can be used instead of Lane Speakers.

Lane Speakers & Harness

Each lane is equipped with Lane Speakers, which are installed at the starting blocks. These speakers are linked to the in-deck systems through the use of Deck Plates, Quick Connect Hubs, or a Cable Harness connected to the ChampStart System for on-deck systems.

Cable Harness

The Cable Harness is utilized in on-deck systems to link Touchpads, Back-Up Push Buttons, and Relay Judging Platforms. Each connection can accommodate up to two input devices. For example, if a single cable harness is used, one Touchpad and one Back-Up Push Button can be connected per lane per end. However, if you want to have one Touchpad and three Back-Up Push Buttons per lane per end, you will need one Cable Harness and one Back Up Harness Cable. For timing on the far end, extension cables are necessary. Harnesses with six, eight, ten, and twelve lanes are available.


All Touchpads come equipped with a complete internal face switch and are offered in two different types of fitting: flat wall or gutter. The gutter-mounted Touchpads are fitted with switches located at the top edge. The majority of Touchpads can be purchased with either a standard or patented AquaGrip non-skid surface. They are constructed entirely of plastic and come with a 3-metre cable that includes a moulded connector. On-deck power requirements are less than 5vDC and are electronically isolated at the timer. These Touchpads are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 152 x 55 cm to 240 x 90 cm (W x H x 7.6 mm T).

Touchpad Caddy

To ensure the safety and protection of your precision electronic Touchpads, it is essential to have a reliable storage and transportation solution. The Touchpad Caddy offers just that, providing a secure storage option and a convenient way to transport up to ten Touchpads to the pool deck.

Push Button

Whether used as the primary timing device in a basic cable system or as a backup, this device is highly versatile. It can be easily plugged into Cable Harnesses, Deck Plates, or Quick Connect Hubs for seamless integration into your timing setup.


There are many types of Scoreboards available to choose from, ranging from Mini Portable options to Fixed Full-Colour LED Video Displays. These Scoreboards can be easily added to your timing setup, providing an excellent way to display and share results with participants and spectators.

Download the Colorado Basic Timing System Data Sheet.

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