Cable Harness

Cable Harness

The Colorado Cable Harness is an essential accessory used on the pool deck to connect Touchpads, Back-Up Push Buttons, and Relay Judging Platforms. Each connection can accommodate two (2) input devices. For instance, with one cable harness, you can connect one (1) touchpad and one (1) backup push button per lane per end. However, if you require one (1) touchpad and three (3) backup push buttons per lane per end, you will need two (2) cable harnesses. Afterward, the cable harness can be directly connected to the System 6 Timing Computer Console or with a ‘Y’ extension cable. It is available in different configurations to suit 6, 8, 10 or 12 lanes.

Warranty: 1 year

    Select Size

    6 Lane CH41-6 N/A
    6 Lane Back-Up CH41-6-3 N/A
    8 Lane CH41-8 N/A
    8 Lane Back-Up CH41-8-3 N/A
    10 Lane CH41-10 N/A
    10 Lane Back-Up CH41-10-3 N/A
    Extension - 50m N/A
    Y Extension - 50m N/A
    Brand: Colorado Time Systems,
    Type: Timing & Start Systems,

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