Backstroke Start Device

Backstroke Start Device

This Patented Backstroke Start Device made by Colorado Time Systems eliminates slips at the start of racing. Its design helps it to be attached to the starting block using anchors or straps. Placing it right, pull down the wedge to the required location on the pool wall and lock it. As to comply with the FINA rules is important, it’s red markers show the correct placement. The red color is used to prominent visibility underwater. After any swimmer left the wall, it will retract u automatically out of the water for the next swimmer to sets up.


Non-slip wedge measures 65cm x 8cm dimension and features a 10° angle for foot placement to be the most secured when the swimmer about to start the race.

  • Anti-slip foot backstroke wedge
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Automatically retracts up out of the water
  • Robust construction
  • Adapts to most starting blocks
  • FINA 2.10, USA Swimming, and U.S. Masters compliant

Compatibility with the current block models mentioned below:

  • Anti 600
  • Anti 650
  • Anti Velocity
  • Anti Velocity Longreach
  • Swimplex SX-2000

Compatibility with the discontinued block models mentioned below:

  • Anti 400
  • Anti 800
  • Anti Super Block 400
  • Anti Super Block Elite

Australian Patent No. 2013382748 is titled as “Start assist device for swimmers with positioning and removal mechanism.”
Its short brackets suit most of the situations as per the standard (P/N 143060). Long brackets can be delivered on special request. Additional shipping costs and time are needed.

Check the Colorado Backstroke Start Device FINA Compliance Sheet and Data Sheet to know more about the device.

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