Infinity Start System

Infinity Start System

For swimming clubs, schools, and swimming pools seeking an entry-level start system, the Infinity Start System is an excellent choice. This system includes a built-in strobe light that automatically flashes as the horn sounds, providing fair starts for hearing-impaired athletes and a visual indicator for timekeepers using a manual stopwatch. Additionally, the system includes a wired microphone for limited public address announcements during practices and competitions. A false start recall feature allows the starter to signal a false start and immediately alert competitors. With the tri-pod, you can raise the unit for all to see and hear the start. Lightweight, easy to use, and portable, the Infinity Start System is a great investment.

What’s Included:
The Infinity Start System consists of a start module with handle.
1 x 40-watt internal moisture and corrosion resistant reflex speaker.
1 x 7.6m wired microphone with start button.
An internal gel-cell re-chargeable battery.

Expansion Options:
An additional 40-watt external speaker and strobe light can be incorporated.
You can integrate this unit with other Colorado Timing Systems, such as the System 6 Console, Gen7, and the Dolphin Wireless Timing System.

Bright, eye-catching strobe light automatically flashes simultaneously as horn sounds.This gives watch timers and officials a reliable starting reference.

Battery Power Safe, reliable internal gel-cell battery with built-in charging indicators and charger. The unit will not operate while charging.

Brand: Colorado
Weight: 4.5 kg
Size: 245 mm x 360 mm x 180 mm (H x W x D)
Warranty: 2 years (excluding battery)

    Brand: Colorado Time Systems,
    Type: Timing & Start Systems,

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