Dolphin Wireless Timing System

Dolphin Wireless Timing System

The Dolphin wireless timing system is a reliable and efficient solution for swimming competitions. With a fully integrated interface for Hy-Tek Meet Management and compatibility with other management software like Meet Maestro and Splash, it streamlines the meet management process. The system provides synchronised stopwatch style timing, eliminating the need for manual stopwatches and improving accuracy. The latest version, Dolphin Version 5, offers a new user interface, advanced data management options, TCP/IP streaming, logging capabilities, and more scoreboard options for compatible boards. With Dolphin, managing swim meets has never been easier.

The Dolphin System consists of:

  • Handheld Wireless Stopwatches with Lanyard for each lane (the system can support up to 3 lane timers per lane and up to 10 lanes).
  • Dolphin Starter Unit
  • Base Unit, which connects to your laptop through a USB cable that comes with the system.
  • CTS Dolphin Software v5.0 interface software, which does not require any licensing fees.
  • Hard Plastic Carry Case with foam inserts for easy transport and storage of the system.

Dolphin’s latest software version 5.0 is compatible with Hy-Tek Meet Manager, Meet Maestro, Splash, and other meet management programs. If you already have a Dolphin system, you can upgrade to v5.0 for free by clicking on the link provided.

Three Modes of Operation

  1. The Electronic Start System is an advanced feature of the Dolphin system, which allows it to be connected to an electronic start system like the CTS Infinity or Championship Start System. The Dolphin Starter is connected to the electronic start system via a cable. When the Starting Official initiates the race with the electronic start system, the stopwatches are started simultaneously. The Lane Timers stop them individually, and the times are then transmitted and saved for immediate access by meet management software. After each race, the system is reset for the next one.
  2. With Synchronised Start/Manual Stop, the Starting Official starts all watches simultaneously using the Dolphin Starter while Lane Timers stop them individually. This allows for the times to be transmitted and saved for quick access by meet management software, and the system is automatically reset for the next race.
  3. The Wireless Manual Start/Stop method involves using the Dolphin wireless stopwatches like standard stopwatches. Each Lane Timer initiates, stops, and resets their own watch individually. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the base and stored on the laptop for easy access via your meet management software. This method meets the requirements of ruling bodies such as FINA, Swimming Australia, NCAA, USS, NFHS, and YMCA for backup timing. Note that an additional Meet Manager Module is required for this method.

Split Timing – Up to 10 split times can be recorded for each watch. The number of splits for each event is either set up manually in the Dolphin software or imported from the meet management program. Split can times are displayed on the scoreboard.
Lane Numbers – You can choose to display either lanes 1-10 or 0-9.
Otter Scoreboard Options – Time of day, 12-24 hour format and LED brightness.
Log Race Results – Race results are viewable.
Print Function – Print race result manually or automatically.
Data Formats – Record results in Text, CSV, XML, D03 or D04
TCP/IP Streaming – Communicate with meet management software via TCP/IP socket connection
Event Index – Import Event list via CSV file or manual input on the fly.
Manual timing override – Prevents Time Keeper’s from accidentally starting a Timer before the official start.
New Software Version Detection – Lets you know when a new version of the software is available to download 100% free with no licencing fees.

Who can use it?

Dolphin is suitable for everyone, whether you use it in competition or practice. It provides an accurate, wireless and effortless timing solution, which will help you save time and improve accuracy. You can easily connect it to your laptop to start using it.

Add an Infinity or Championship Start Starting system.
Add a Portable Scoreboard or Wall Mounted Scoreboard.

Minimum Requirements:
Windows® XP®, Windows® Vista®, Windows 7® 32bit, Windows 7® 64bit, Windows 8® 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro® 64bit, Windows 10® 64bit, Windows 11 Home® 64bit, Windows 11 Pro® 64bit
1 GHz processor (AMD or Intel)
1 Gb RAM
USB Port

Technical Information:
Brand: Colorado
Range: 40 metres from base unit
Wireless: 16 channels, spread spectrum 2.4 GHz
Battery: 1 x 9v per watch provides approx. 40 hours of operation
Watch Size: 153 mm x 68 mm x 27 mm (L x W x D)
Watch weight: 195 g
Warranty: 3 years (excluding batteries)
Software: Software v5 on USB key

Dolphin Wireless Timing System - Aquachem

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