Championship Start System – Wired

Championship Start System – Wired

The Championship Start System is designed for championship meets and provides durable and high-performance timing. It is suitable for larger aquatic facilities and includes a high-powered unit that can drive up to 1 additional 40W, 2 x 10W, or 12 x 6W individual speakers mounted under starting platforms, as well as RJP speedlights for visual start signals. The system comes with a wired microphone and offers independent volume control for each microphone input, with microphone volume independent of start tone volume. The built-in strobe flashes with the start signal, and additional external strobe lights can be added. An LED Low Battery Indicator shows the battery level, and the system can be used with the Tri pod. Additionally, this unit can be integrated with other Colorado Timing Systems, including the System 6 Console, Gen7, and the Dolphin Wireless Timing System.

What’s Included:
The Championship Start System consists of a start module with handle.
1 x 40-watt external moisture and corrosion resistant reflex speaker.
1 x wired microphone with start button.
An internal gel-cell re-chargeable battery.

Expansion Options:
It can drive 1 x additional 40W, 2 x 10W or up to 12 x 6W individual speakers.
This unit can be added to other Colorado Timing Systems including the Gen7 Timer, System 6 Computer Console and the Dolphin Wireless Timing System.

Bright, eye-catching strobe light automatically flashes simultaneously as horn sounds. This gives watch timers and officials a reliable starting reference.

Brand: Colorado
Weight: 7.9 kg
Size: 337 x 330 x 146 mm (H x W x D)
Warranty: 2 years (excluding battery)

    Brand: Colorado Time Systems,
    Type: Timing & Start Systems,

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