Tensioner – Anti Wave Super

Tensioner – Anti Wave Super

The Anti Super Tensioner is used for simple and no-fuss tightening of lane ropes. All you need is only a few twists of your wrist.

The stainless steel rod with brass ferrule and glass-filled polycarbonate body construction provides simple fuss-free tensioning of stainless steel lane rope cables. Lengthening or shortening with a swivel hook attached is possible with the threaded rod.

Unscrew the end cap to attach the cable and attach the cable to the short clamp set then replace the end cap to hide cable end keeping it away from hands.Anti Wave Super Tensioner by Aquachem

Brand: Anti

Colours: Red or Black

Body including lock nut 230 mm (L)

Threaded Rod & Hook 200 mm (L)

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    Brand: SR Smith,
    Type: Lane Ropes, Reels & Lane Dividers,
    Colour: Black, Red,

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