65mm Lane Rope Anti Mini (25m – 50m)

65mm Lane Rope Anti Mini (25m – 50m)

Anti Mini 65 lane ropes are used for small pools or where an area is to be roped off. Lanes are assembled with extra cable that will require trimming and an Anti Super Tensioner included.
These do not reduce wave turbulence. Lane anchors are required.


Material: Stainless steel cable with UV stabilised copolymer polypropylene discs and high-density polyethylene floats.
Colours: Red, Blue, White, Yellow / Gold, Green and Black with donut floats
Size: 65 mmø 12 discs /3 small floats per metre.


Delivery Time – Subject to availability. Normally 2 weeks.
Colours/Length – The standard colour configuration is 5 m ends Red with Blue and White alternating centre. Non-standard colour combination and/or non standard lengths are subject to additional charges.
Cable & Tensioner – Lane ropes are supplied with an extra cable that will require trimming and the Tensioner attached to the cable.

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    Type: Lane Ropes, Reels & Lane Dividers,

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