SwimPro 4cam Underwater Swim Camera – 700 TV Line Camera Package

SwimPro 4cam Underwater Swim Camera – 700 TV Line Camera Package

SwimPro 4cam Underwater Swim Camera Video System (Updated)

SwimPro 4Cam covers it all. Combining the power of 4 flexible camera packages (PlatinumPlus, ProX, Basix & FloorCam), 4 different camera angles (above & below water) and the iPad + pool-deck instant software analysis ability.
You can connect to 1, 2, 3 or all 4 SwimPro Cameras wirelessly on your iPad or Android device.

Applications are endless! This package was designed to offer flexibilty, portability & cover all angles above & below water & it doesn’t stop there. 4 cameras connect into our SwimPro IQ Recorder where instant pool-deck video analysis can be executed.

SwimPro App
Live or delayed 5, 10, 20 seconds to 10 minutes delayed playback.
Touch zoom for more detail. New remote control for the SwimPro IQ Recorder (record on & off)
New draw & analyze on screen. Use your iPad instead of a TV on pooldeck. Delayed Playback on your iPad!
Videos from 1, 2, 3 or all 4 cameras can be viewed, paused, delayed, zoomed, drawn on etc..
Control functions remotley from any iOS®, Mac®, Android™ or Windows® device.
Free download from the Apple® App Store. Android™ coming soon.

1 x SwimPro PlatinumPlus
1 x SwimProX
1 x SwimBasix
1 x SwimPro FloorCam
4 x Camera Bags
1 x SwimPro 4Cam IQ Recorder & Software,
1 x Wi-Fi Router for Wireless Connectivity
1 x Carry Bag for IQ Recorder
Custom package available on request.
(Also available in 720/1080p HD)

Code Description
PCAM10040 SwimPro 4Cam 700 TV Line Camera Package
PCAM10045 SwimPro 4Cam 720/1080p HD Camera Package
SwimPro App

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