SwimPro PlatinumPlus Underwater Swim Camera Video System

SwimPro PlatinumPlus Underwater Swim Camera Video System

SwimPro PlatinumPlus Underwater Swim Camera Video System (Updated)

If you’re looking for an all in one, top of the range Swimming Camera, then choose SwimPro Platinum. The all new SwimPro PlatinumPlus package will cover all angles above & below water.

Can be used for: Dynamic, extendable telescopic pole camera (above/below water/in front/behind/beside), Dual camera above and below water telescopic pole system (second camera not included in standard package.) Purchase an additional camera or use SwimPro FloorCam or Basix camera), A complete dynamic swimming lap recording camera (above & below water), Adjacent lane point & shoot camera (jump in lane 2, point and shoot), Static wall camera (with/without delayed playback), Dual lane capture camera (video 2 lanes, 2 swimmers and compare), Wall stable twist camera, Zoom and pan camera (video stabilisation clips capture smooth video; like a tripod), Pool floor camera (Olympic Games’ angle), Professional photography sports camera and fixed above water camera (in combination with our ‘snap-in snap-out’ camera stand), Static wall camera with delayed playback (1, 2, 10, 20 seconds etc. to 10 minutes for diving)

Super clear, industry leading 700TV line, custom made SwimPro PlatinumPlus camera., Slimline/low drag telescopic video pole, Static wall bracket with telescopic pole, video stabilisation clips (fast clip in clip out system), 30 metre ~100 ft professional video cable (with 2 x dual twine strength cores), Ultra flexible 360 degree camera mount & Camera Carry Bag. (Also available in 720/1080p HD) Dual camera mount for an additional SwimPro camera (popular in simultaneous above and below water videos)

SwimPro IQ Recorder sold Separately.

Code Description
PCAM10020 SwimPro PlatinumPlus 700TV Line Camera
PCAM10025 SwimProX 720/1080p HD Camera
PCAM11025 SwimPro IQ Recorder
PCAM12000 SwimPro PlatinumPlus Stabiliser Wheel

Stabiliser Wheel Option
Attach the Stabiliser Wheel to the PlatinumPlus for steady moving shots along the poolside.

Extra Camera Option
Attach the Extra Camera to the PlatiumPlus. Allows for two angles. Above & below the water. Supplied with 30 metre ~100 ft professional video cable.

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    Type: Timing, Scoring & Training,

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