Post Socket – AQ-PS01

Post Socket – AQ-PS01

The AQUEAS AQ-PS01 Post Socket is designed to be fitted with most 38mm dia Backstroke and False Start Posts into the pool deck for backstroke turn indicator.
The top edges have a smooth rounded thin flange keeping trip hazards to a minimum.
The Socket can be core drilled and glued. An earthing screw is also provided.

All sizes are available with a Twist Lock and available in many other diameters and lengths (Bayonnet type locking).

Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Finish: Mirror Polished
Tube Diameters: 38 mmø, 44mmø, 50mmø, 63mmø
Length: 100mm or 150mm

It may take 4 weeks for delivery if PAQ-PS01 is not in stock. Also, other nonstock products can take 4 weeks for delivery.

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    100/38mm AQ-PS01 N/A
    150/38mm AQ-PS02 N/A
    100/44mm AQ-PS03 N/A
    150/44mm AQ-PS04 N/A
    100/50mm AQ-PS05 N/A
    150/50mm AQ-PS06 N/A
    100/63mm AQ-PS07 N/A
    150/63mm AQ-PS08 N/A
    200/63mm AQ-PS09 N/A
    100/38mm AQ-PS01/TL N/A
    150/38mm AQ-PS02/TL N/A
    100/44mm AQ-PS03/TL N/A
    150/44mm AQ-PS04/TL N/A
    100/50mm AQ-PS05/TL N/A
    150/50mm AQ-PS06/TL N/A
    100/63mm AQ-PS07/TL N/A
    150/63mm AQ-PS08/TL N/A
    200/63mm AQ-PS09/TL N/A
    Brand: Aqueas,
    Type: Posts, Anchors and Sockets,

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