Lane Rope Anchor – AQ-LRA03

Lane Rope Anchor – AQ-LRA03

AQUEAS AQ-LRA03 is a square plate Lane Rope Anchor that is set into the wall of the pool allowing lane ropes to attach with a square faceplate with rounded corners. The anchor can be core drilled and glued or set at the pour stage.
The threaded rod version is for going through a wall and securing with nuts and washers. An earthing screw is provided in the package.

Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Finish: Mirror Polished
Size: 50 mm x 48 mmø ID (L x W)
Flange: 29 mmø x 29 mmø OD

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    Square Plate AQ-LRA03 N/A
    Square Plate/Rod AQ-LRA03B N/A
    Brand: Aqueas,
    Type: Posts, Anchors and Sockets,

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