Lovibond Photometer Pool Control Direct

Lovibond Photometer Pool Control Direct

LVB PHOTOMETER – Pool Control Direct

A flexible, multi-parameter photometer covering a wide range of tests for today s requirements in pool water analysisAdvantages
* Pre-programmed with all relevant methods for swimming pools
* Long-term stable LEDs as light source in combination with high quality interference filters
* Large graphic display
* RS 232 interface
* Operates with standard rechargeable batteries
* Batteries charged whilst in unit
* Memory for up to 1000 data sets

Description of unit
This contemporary, multi-parameter photometer caters for the full range of water testing requirements experienced by modern swimming pools.
Various national laws and standards and cross-border regulations make high demands on the practicability of the testing unit as well as on the accuracy of results.

In Germany, for example, operators must be able to measure the upper limit for the auxiliary hygiene parameter “combined chlorine” with a sufficient degree of accuracy (0.2 mg/l) in accordance with DIN 19 643.

In the English-speaking countries, on the other hand, one of the primary methods for testing water quality is the Langelier Water Balance System , which takes account of various parameters.

The futuristic PoolControlDirect stems from several decades of experience in the design and production of Lovibond photometers.
The PoolControlDirect enables swimming pool and spa operations to measure all the relevant parameters for assessing pool water quality rapidly, reliably and with optimum precision.

The complete unit including the sample chamber (the critical component of any photometer) and the battery compartment, are sealed, ensuring that water cannot come into contact with the electronic components.

Lovibond PoolControlDirect The unit is equipped and ready to use for: Chlorine (free, combined, total) 0.02-6.0 mg/l, pH 6.8-8.4, cyanuric acid 1-160 mg/l. Inclusive of all accessories such as tablet reagents for 100 tests, 3 sample vials, instruction manual, etc., in carrying case.

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