The Apera Salt2 tests Salinity (Salt) and Temperature. This is a durable instrument with an easy grip designed to keep it in your hand and not in the pool. It comes with a lanyard for convenience but if it goes into the drink retrieval will be easy as it floats and is water-proof and dust-proof with a rating to IP67.

Large clear 180° viewing angle screen with temperature/salinity value dual display and indications of completed auto calibrations and stable readings. Great functions to make your testing experience a lot easier: 1-point auto calibration with auto buffer recognition, 0 to 50°C auto temp. compensation. Easy switch of salinity unit (ppt-g/L). Self-diagnosis with out-of-range and low battery warning, and incorrect calibration reminder. Testing can be done with the use of the cap as a testing vial or using the dipping method.
When a stable result is achieved a happy face symbol is displayed.

The BPB (Brush-Resistant Platinum Black) sensor adopts our special processing technology, which minimises electrode polarisation, expands measuring range, and increases the firmness of the electrode, hence ensuring a much higher accuracy and consistency in a wide-range salinity measurement than traditional stainless steel electrodes, and is easy to clean.

Replacing batteries is easy using four standard “AAA” batteries, the unit has a battery level indicator with a flashing icon when the batteries need to be replaced. It has an “Auto Off” function saving battery power after inactivity of 8 minutes.

The Apera Salt2 tester is supplied in a premium carry case with lanyard, batteries, calibration standards and instructions.

Model:                     Salt2
LCD Display:           Dual – Salinity and Temperature
Salt Range:              0 – 100.0 ppm,  0 – 10.00 ppt. (x 1000=ppm)
Salt Resolution:      0.1/1 ppm; 0.01 p.p.t.
Salt Accuracy:        ± 1 % Full Scale; ± 0.2°C

Temp Range:            0 to 50° C
Temp Resolution:    0.1° C
Temp Accuracy:       ± 0.5 °C
Calibration:              1 point Auto

Auto-Off:                 After 8 minutes of inactivity
User Reset:             Yes
ATC:                            Yes
Auto Stable:            Icon displays when stable
Self Diagnostic:       Message codes
Battery Indicator:   Yes
IP Rating:                   IP67 Water-proof and Dust-proof
Batteries:                  DC 3V 4 x AAA
Battery Life:              >1000 hrs
Included:                    Instrument, Carry Case, Lanyard, Calibration Standard, Batteries and Instructions
Instrument Size:    178 x 40 x 31 mm
Weight:                     115 g
Case Size:               190 x 160 x 40 mm
Case Weight:          380 g
Warranty:                One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

    Type: Pool and Spa Water Testing Equipment,

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