Complete Service Kit K2005C

Complete Service Kit K2005C

A complete DPD test kit designed for service people,commercial pool operators and health dept. officials interested in economy &portability. Uses 2 oz. reagents. Includes printed color comparator, waterproof instructions, treatment charts and chemistry guide.

Included in the Complete DPD Test kit are; 2 oz. bottles of DPD Reagent #1, DPD Reagent #2, DPD Reagent #3, Base Demand Reagent, Acid Demand Reagent, Phenol Red, Cyanuric Acid Reagent X3, Sulfuric Acid, Total Alkalinity Indicator, Thiosulfate N/10, Hardness Reagent, Calcium Indicator Liquid, Calcium Buffer; 2 Chamber Comparator, Water Balance Calculator Wheel, Cyanuric Acid Testing Bottle 7 / 14 mL.

    Type: Pool and Spa Water Testing Equipment,

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