Black & Green Algaecide 1lt (12 per ctn)

Black & Green Algaecide 1lt (12 per ctn)

Black & Green Algaecide will greatly reduce your chlorine requirements.

A strong general all-purpose algae controller suited to treating green, black and mustard algae and for treating general algae problems in larger pools.

Algae is vegetable matter that grows in all water and like all plants gets its nourishment from the water. There are many varieties but the main variety in swimming pool water is the green, black also known as black spot and mustard. These tend to be on the sides of the pool and Black & Green Algaecide has been a firm favourite in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Tahiti for many years.

Black & Green Algaecide contains 40.0 gm/litre complex blend of copper salts
Plus 40 gm/litre Benzyl Ammonium Chloride.

For best results:

  1. Check Ph of the water and adjust to be between 7.2 & 7.6.
  2. Maintain a good chlorine level.
  3. Brushing with a stiff brush will help especially with stubborn black spot.
  4. Walk around your pool pouring Black & Green Algaecide into the water with your filter running.

    Brand: Algon's,
    Type: Pool Solutions,

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