Nil-Phos Plus (1ltr – 20ltr)

Nil-Phos Plus (1ltr – 20ltr)

The primary food source for algae is phosphates, which is introduced into the pool water from things such as dust, soil, runoff from gardens, swimmers, etc… International Quadratics Nil-Phos Plus is formulated to be used as part of regular pool maintenance, as well as preventative care and as a fix for when the phosphate levels of the pool are high.

Nil-Phos Plus removes 1ppm to 6ppm of phosphates from the water and is formulated for rapid removal.

The way that Nil-Phos Plus works is simple. It brings the phosphates together in the water, making them large enough to be filtered out like normal debris, allowing for quick and effective removal of the phosphates. Simply add this product to your skimmer box or directly into the water and continue to run your filtration system to remove the phosphates from the pool. This product also includes a built-in clarifier, so it will also help clear your water at the same time, saving time, effort and money.

It is recommended that after you finish treating your pool with Nil-Phos plus you run a quick backwash to ensure that phosphates do not re-enter the pool.

Note: If algae are present in your pool before treating the phosphates, it’s strongly recommended that you treat the algae first.

Add this product into your skimmer box or directly into the water and run the filtration system

For specific application rates, please check the bottle or consult your local pool professional.

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