Backstroke Start Ledge

Backstroke Start Ledge

Easy to use Anti Wave Backstroke Start Ledge is a practical backstroke starting device. It is for the swimmers to perform top performance backstroke starts. It includes a 5-point manual height adjustment. Suitable for connection to all standard starting blocks including all Anti Wave Blocks.

The Backstroke Start Ledge includes and is Developed in consultation with Australian Swim Team members. It is simple to install and adjust to the pool by the swimmer or coach.


Brand: Anti SR Smith

Dimensions: 650mm x 80mm x 20mm (L x H x W)

Angle of wedge: 10 degrees

Weight: 0.85 kg


  • Marine-grade anodised aluminium body with non-slip surface, Marine Nylon Protector End Caps and Marine Polyester Webbing with SS316 Cam Buckle
  • Easily adjustable on the pool by the swimmer while in the water, or by the coach from the Pool deck
  • Compatable with all standard block types, and adjustable to suit a range of swimmers needs including Masters as well as top competition swimming and training
  • ​Adjustable to 5 positions to suit each swimmers needs using simple and durable Marine StayPut and Eyelet system. Can be adjusted to + 4cm above or – 4cm below water level, as well as longer adjustments to suit Master/ Youth swimmers
  • Meets FINA FR 2.10 Regulations, suitable for FINA Events

    Brand: SR Smith,
    Type: Pool Accessories and Fittings,

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