Backstroke Post

Backstroke Post

Post Backstroke

Backstroke Posts
Backstroke turn indicator posts should be installed 5 metres from each end of the pool and backstroke flags should be 1.8 metres to 2.5 metres above the water. The posts slide into post sockets that are core drilled and glued into the concourse / coping.

StandardAn eyelet is welded to the post allow the backstroke flag to attach. The standard post is the popular choice. Uses the PS Post Socket.

Bayonet Locking Base
An eyelet is welded to the post allow the backstroke flag to attach. The bayonet locking base requires the use of the PSB Post Socket. A pin is located inside the socket. When inserting the post you will need to twist the post until it locks into position.

Material: 316 Stainless steel mirror polished
Size: 1800 mm x 38 mmø (H x W)

Posts and Sockets sold separately.

Which is better?
– Both are equally good. Most people are happy to use the standard. If PSB Post Sockets are installed you will have to use the bayonet locking base other wise the post will not properly sit in the socket.

How do I know which Socket I have? – The post socket cap is removed by unsrewing it allowing you to see inside, a PSB socket will have a little pin near the bottom protruding from the side wall. The PS socket will not.

Code Description
PPOST5120 BP Backstroke Post – Standard
PPOST5122 BPB Backstroke Post – bayonet locking base

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