Vac Plate Poolrite S2500 2 Hol

Vac Plate Poolrite S2500 2 Hol

Aussie Gold Vacuum plate for the Poolrite S2500 MKII Skimmer with a second control valve hole. This Poolrite vacuum plate is used with a flow control valve (not included here). If your current Poolrite S2500 vacuum plate has a speed control valve but the vac plate has broken. You can replace the plate only and still use the original control valve with this vacuum plate. Just unwind the control valve fully and refit it to your new S2500 2-Hole vac plate.

  • Poolrite S2500 MKII 2- Hole Vacuum Plate
  • Use Existing Control Valve
  • High-Quality UV stabilised Plastic

    Brand: Aussie Gold,
    Type: Vacuum Plates,

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    SKU: PVP796