Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive For Spas

Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive For Spas

With Theralux, you can create your own mineral bathing destination in as little as your own backyard. Enhanced Mineral Additive for Spas has magnesium-enriched minerals to enhance bather comfort and improve the feeling of being rejuvenated and relaxed.

This product allows you to add naturally occurring minerals to the water you bathe in, providing health and wellbeing benefits to spa bathers.

Theralux Enhance Mineral Additive gives the water a soft, silky feel, and moisturises and conditions the bather. The skin will naturally absorb the minerals and detoxify the body, calm the nervous system and potentially provide relief to any muscular issues of the bather. This product also has the ability to absorb calcium and other minerals that make the water cloudy and will aid water balance and reduce pH spikes.

Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive is compatible with all types of sanitising systems. Use in conjunction with Theralux Mineral Additive Test Strips.

See ‘Application’ below to see usage instructions and dosage rates.

How to use:
Distribute Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive evenly around the Spa. The additive may take up to 12 hours to dissolve.

Initial Application:
1 kg per 1,500 litres of Spa water

Test with the Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive Test Strips.
100 g per 1500 ltrs of spa water
Application rates indicated are to be used as a guide only, consult your local pool professional for more information.


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