Theralux 25g System w/ 1Hp Pump & Glass Filter Media

Theralux 25g System w/ 1Hp Pump & Glass Filter Media

Theralux By Aquachem

For sensitive skin, including young children and  people with conditions like eczema and dermatitis, Theralux is the ultimate choice.

Representing over 100 years of water purification expertise, Theralux is the healthiest, most affordable and environmentally friendly way to transform your pool into a rejuvenating therapeutic experience. Combining advanced filtration technology with a natural mineral formula, Theralux provides the healthiest and safest swimming environment for your backyard. Harnessing the cleansing elements found in natural mineral baths and oceans around the world, Theralux eliminates issues common in less sophisticated systems such as green water, stinging eyes and itchy skin. Now you can swim in comfort, free from the bitter taste of salty water and the harsh, chemical smell of chlorine lingering on the body long after you’ve left the water. What’s more, as Theralux is highly energy efficient, you can enjoy a rejuvenating swim while making substantial savings on your electricity bills. Find the right Theralux system for your pool today and enjoy the luxurious swimming experience you and your family deserve.  You’ll discover the improvement in water quality and the therapeutic benefits to all who swim in a Theralux pool.


Rated pool pump provides considerable energy and cost savings due to its efficient motor design, reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Therachlor Chlorinator has been designed with your needs in mind. It combines a sleek design with user-friendly navigation to provide all the functionality and perfect control unit. Compatible with mineral and salt pools operating at a low TDS level of 3000ppm.
Connected to the Therachlor Chlorinator is our revolutionary cells, our design allows for higher water velocity over the cell plates with lower restriction to deliver  Improved water sanitation. The internal casing promotes a longer lifespan while playing an integral role in the cell’s automated cleaning process. The cell plate material has been specifically designed to complement an enhanced mineral additive
Our Theraclear Filter features a revolutionary twin layered tank to provide extra strength, stability and durability.
Theratherm Heat Pumps provide you the luxury of using your pool all year round. Harnessing the warmth of nature, our range of heat pumps will heat your pool economically and efficiently whilst being kind to the environment.
100% recycled. It offers the finest filtration for your swimming pool while saving you money through reduced backwashing. When it’s time to backwash, you can rest assured you are doing the right thing by the environment
as Theralux treated water has lower salt levels and less of the harsh chemicals used in standard swimming pools.

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