Tennis Court Cleaner 20lt

Tennis Court Cleaner 20lt

Tennis Court Cleaner will remove algae and black mould, moss mildew and green slime from tennis courts, synthetic grass, clay courts, stencil concrete and stamped concrete.


Use neat (do NOT dilute with water) and apply the product on cool surface which is out of direct sunlight.

Sweep or hose down the affected area to loosen the build up of dust and grime. If hosing down, ensure court is damp only and most water has drained off the surface.

Apply product using a hand sprayer or watering can using a broom to move product around the affected areas.

Allow time for Tennis Court Cleaner to penetrate into the mould, algae or grime before washing off with water.

If area is heavily affected the process may need to be repeated.

NB: Tennis Court Cleaner is not recommended for use in ponds or aquariums as may be harmful to aquatic environments.
If product comes in contact with plants wash off immediately with water.

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