Loop Charged Injected Spa Blower

The only Blower designed especially for Light Commercial Domestic Spas and the Service Industry

Spa King has been tried & tested for over 30 years in the industry and surpasses all others in power and quietness of operation under full load conditions.

It is designed to do away with the problems that have traditionally plagued conventional spa blower motors, such as overheating, burn-out, corrosion and short operation life.

Spa King has separated airflows so that motor cooling operates independently of the aerifying airflow delivered to the Spa Water. This completely eliminates expensive overheating problems caused by start up air supply line resistance, or tub air hole sizes or distance to equipment.

Design operation temperature are maintained in the motor at all times, clean fresh air is delivered to the tub. Corrosion due to chlorine – laden vapor reaching the motor is eliminated, and specially  developed plastic mouldings, foam divisions and injection moulded cover protect the unit and reduce noise.

Spa King are also used on commercial installations and found to have a capacity well in excess of the blowers normal domestic requirements by supplying solid performance and value for money.


Spa King manufacture a range of Blowers: 220-240 volt 50Hz 1.5 Hp units.

All parts, subject to corrosion are made of plastic, and the unit is power authority approved with G.G.C.I. Protected circuit CA. (USA) Earth Leakage with quality one way valve preferred.

When installed in pool equipment rooms it is recommended that a 5cm by 30cm air vent should be provided at the bottom of the door with a 2cm x 30cm vent at the top. This will provide air  circulation of benefit to Spa King Blowers and to other pool equipment.

Spa King carries a full 12 month warranty, limited on commercial sites and is covered by one or more of the following patents.

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