Hydroslip 500grm Jar (M814)

Hydroslip 500grm Jar (M814)

Molytec silicone lubricant. A high performance silicone based, translucent non toxic paste developed for use as a lubricant and protectant for rubber and metal. It is non conductive, water resistant and protects against corrosion.

Very Good Water Repellency
Good Temperature Range
Good Dielectric properties
Good Resistance to Oxidation.
Good adherence to dry surfaces Non Toxic and very low Volatility.
Good resistance to tracking.

Molytec Silicone Lubricant can be used in a large variety of applications, products & processes.
Swimming Pool Equipment.
Fishing Tackle Lubricant.
Mould Release agent for Rubber, Plastics and Metal castings,
Lubricant for Rubber and Plastic.
Isolator protection.
Dielectric Paste.
Water Repellant and makes surfaces water resistant.
Sealing and Potting Compound in electronic gear
To prevent sticking of the contacting machined surfaces & gaskets.
Battery Terminals.

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