Granudos 10-CPR Touch XL swimming pool disinfection system using IQ Granu-Chlor 700 granulated Calcium Hypochlorite and IQ Granu-cid acid with flocculant dosing is completely controlled by the autocontrol system CPR Touch for free chlorine, pH, redox and temperature. IQ Granu-Chlor 700 granulated Calcium Hypochlorite is dosed directly from the intergrated hopper. IQ Granu-cid acid is dosed within the system from the container to correct the pH and to avoid scaling. IQ Granu-Chlor 700 Calcium Hypochlorite and IQ Granu-cid are dosed separately at intervals to the dissolving system from where the very low concentrated chlorine solution is conveyed by a venturi nozzle to the pool water. The dosing of the chemicals is controlled directly by the integrated autocontrol system. The booster pump of the Granudos works also as metering water pump. The metering water is returned into the cycle via the dissolving system. The autocontrol system and the peristaltic pumps for flocculent and acid are integrated well accessible under a transparent cover at the front of the unit. Unit is self cleaning.

Housing with retention tub:
Solid one part rotational sintered polyethylene shape containing all functional parts.
Chlorine dosing:
Dosing hopper for chlorine granulate for 15 kg, dosing motor, dosing screw, knocker to support the dosing
Acid dosing:
Peristaltic dosing pump, suction lance with empty report of the canister, dosing valve 3/8“ in the dissolving system
Flocculent dosing:
Peristaltic dosing pump, suction lance with empty report of the canister, dosing valve 1/2″
Dissolving system:
Pre-filter d75, flushing tank, booster pump app. 1000 l/h at 1,2 bar, venturi, mixing cyclone. Monitoring of the pump by pressure switch. Monitoring of the suction performance of the venturi. Level switch min/max flushing tank

• Coloured 7” Touch-Graphic display to indicate the current data and status of the unit
• Faults and alarms are illustrated by self-explaining icons
• All control parameters are adjustable to ensure optimal pool conditions
• Integrated test programmes for all functions
• Proportional control characteristic to ensure compliance with the selected set points
• Start-up automatic with pH preference dosing
• Input for external release, shock chlorination and ECO mode
• Alarm relay with non-volt changeover contact
• Interface: Modbus TCP, USB for data export

Remote indication: The measuring values, the current status, faults and alarms can be remote indicated by every browser driven device (e.g. computer or smartphone)

Measuring cell:
• Compact acrylic glass block to take the electrodes, flow regulator and sample water valve. Pressure resistant design for measuring water recirculation
• pH-electrode with high reliability reference system
• REDOX electrode with large and self-cleaning platinum round plate
• Free chlorine electrode consisting of: large and self-cleaning surface round gold plate and counter electrode with reference system Ag/AgCl
• Temperature sensor for temperature measurement
• Sample water valve

Suitable for Pools: 10,000 – 400,000 ltrs
Electrical Supply: 230V/AC 50 Hz
Power Supply: 0.33 kW
Water Supply: DN25
Water outlet to injection point: DN20
Chlorine max output: 0.6 kg/h
Acid max output: 1 l/h
Pre-pressure Min.: 0.2 bar
Back-pressure Max.: 1.2 bar
Dimensions: 125 x 70 x 50 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: approx. 40 kgs

    Brand: Granudos,
    Type: Chemical Dosing and Controllers,

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