Blanket Rollers

Blanket Rollers

We offer a range of rollers suitable for pool blankets from 20 m to 50 m in length, and accommodating widths up to 6.7 m wide.

Our rollers are constructed with durable 316 stainless steel frames, handwheels, end slugs, and castors, and come complete with all necessary hardware. Aluminum tubes are also available for customized applications.

Our rollers are fitted with stainless steel castors and brakes, and can be operated by a single person or used with our Pool Blanket Retriever. Outriggers can be added to accommodate wide coping or starting platforms for an additional cost.

Our rollers are covered by a manufacturer’s 10-year pro-rata warranty.

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    up to 4.9m x 25m N/A
    5.0m up to 6.7m x 20m N/A
    up to 4.9m x 50m N/A
    5.0m up to 6.7m x 33m N/A
    up to 4.9m x 60m N/A
    5.0m up to 6.7m x 60m N/A
    Type: Pool Blankets & Rollers,

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