Backstroke Flags

Backstroke Flags

Backstroke flags are used to be stretched between two backstroke posts 5 metres from the end of the pool that ensures to inform backstrokers that the wall is 5 metres in front of them.

Pre-assorted colour combination flags are supplied. Included colours are Royal Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Orange, Green and White.

Special Length or Colours:
Specific length and/or colours may be specified.
Available Colours: Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Orange, Green, Teal and White.
Other colours are also available on request. Sold per meter.

Multi-coloured variations are usually in stock. If special lengths or colours are needed, it can take up to two weeks.

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    15.5 mtr suits 6 lanes N/A
    20 mtr suits 8 lanes N/A
    25 mtr suits 10 lanes N/A
    Special lengths or Colours N/A
    Type: Poolside Backstroke Flags,

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