The SwimFin® is a new swimming buoyancy aid designed to cater for the beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer. Worn on the back, it doesn’t hamper or restrict the ability to move in the water. SwimFin® is a floatation device that provides as much buoyancy as the swimmer needs while helping maintain a good position in the water.
With SwimFin® the lower you are in the water the more support it will give you, as with the beginner swimmer. The higher you are in the water the less support it will give you as with an improved swimmer. SwimFin compensates for different abilities.
It’s multi stroke functionality allows it to be used for front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and fly.

• Easy to use
• Self adjusting
• Adjustable Velcro® strap
• Multi stroke functional
• Fun for all ages

A beginner’s body is lower in the water causing SwimFin® to be more submerged, giving the swimmer more uplift and support. The arms are left free for propulsion through the water.

As confidence and the ability grows the body position will improve, SwimFin® will raise out of the water as less support is required. Working with the swimmers natural ability but also giving the immediate support if required to.

In a total horizontal position, SwimFin® is virtually out of the water giving very little or no support so even the better swimmers can wear it all the time, if its out of the water its no longer a buoyancy aid but the kids are having fun and because it’s streamlined, will not impede movement through the water.

SwimFin® makes learning to swim fun.

SwimFin Colours
Brand: SwimFin®
Colours: Blue, Pink, Black, Grey, Red & Orange
Weight Range: 15 kg – 30 kg
Size: 260 mm x 120 mm x 250 mm (L x W x H)

Code Description
PSWM11000 SwimFin – Blue
PSWM11005 SwimFin – Pink
PSWM11010 SwimFin – Black
PSWM11015 SwimFin – Grey
PSWM11020 SwimFin – Red
PSWM11025 SwimFin – Orange

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    SKU: PSWM11000