Supa-Vac Basic

Supa-Vac Basic

The Supa Vac allows you to quickly clean an average spa or splasher pool in just minutes. This underwater vacuum set uses your water hose and jet suction so no additional poles or pumps are needed. It can also be used not only to clean, but also to empty the pool or pond. Simply connect the supplied venturi attachment to the rear of the supa vac.

  • Suitable for Above & Inground  ground, splasher & paddling pool, Portable & inground spas, Fountains, ponds and water features
  • Venturi designed vacuum cleaner takes no time to suck up all the bits lying on the floor.
  • Can  be used to empty your pool using your garden hose when you need to refresh the water. Note: this requires a standard 3/4 (19mm) clear tubing which is not included.
  • Filter sock to collect debris.
  • Garden hose connection.
  • Can be used with any standard telescopic handle or pole (adapter included)



    Brand: Supa Vac,
    Type: Manual Pool Cleaning & Accessories,

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