Smartcheck Bacteria Test Strip

Smartcheck Bacteria Test Strip

SmartChek Bacteria Test Strips (New)

IQ SmartChek Bacteria Test Strips detect bacteria in both swimming pools and spas in less than 20 minutes. A laboratory grade test strip test that needs no incubation or special training.
Test for E.coli, Pseudomonus Aeruginosa, species of Shigella, Enterobacter and many other coliform and non-coliform bacteria.

If test is positive your water sample may contain bacteria levels that are dangerous to your health.
It is suggested the the pool is closed, treat with either IQ Pool Solutions C-5 Chlorine Dioxide Precursor Liquid or IQ Pool Solutions C-5 Chlorine Dioxide Precursor Tablets) and restart after 12 hours.

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ETBK7010 IQ Smart Chek Bacteria Test Kit (10/pk)

    Brand: International Quadratics,
    Type: Water Testing,

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