System 6 Timing Computer Console

System 6 Timing Computer Console

System 6 Timing Computer Console

The Colorado System 6 timing system is a multi-sport computer console that co-ordinates incoming information from the start system, touchpads, relay judging platforms, backup buttons, and remote judging terminals for diving and synchronized swimming. It sends information to scoreboards, meet management software, a printer, water polo horns and shot clocks. The System 6 has been designed to meet and exceed current needs, and to easily allow for upgrades and enhancements in the future, extending the life of your investment. It has a back-up rechargeable system and built-in start input. Supplied in a carry case.

Enhanced split handling
Race split times are printed as they occur. Lap and cumulative splits are stored, and can be posted to matrix display scoreboards* during a race. The System 6 supports unlimited splits, both near and far end. (*Including monochrome, tri-color and full color boards.)

Expanded lane capability
The System 6 is the only system on the market that can support up to 12 lanes. The System 6 is engineered for flexibility in lane shifting and lane reversal. This allows you, for example, to shift your race course to the centre lanes of your pool yet keep the lane numbering standard.

Large full-colour screen
The System 6 has the largest screen on the market – 21 cm x 15.5 cm (26.5 cm diagonally). The large backlit colour screen makes it easy for the operator to read the information displayed and run the event efficiently.

Multi-sport options
Swimming and diving are standard with the System 6, optional changeable keyboard inserts and software programs are available for water polo, synchronized swimming and training pace clock.

May be linked with another computer running Hytek Meet Manager
3 ½” floppy drive for software upgrades
External mouse and keyboard port
Monitor port
Ethernet port
Printer port
2 Com ports
Scoreboard I/O
Judges I/O


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  System 6 Timing Computer Console


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