Stainless Steel Rejuvenation Kit

Stainless Steel Rejuvenation Kit

This kit contains two products formulated especially for restoring & protection of Stainless Steel.

This stainless steel kit contains two products that are formulated for restoring and protection.

Rejuvenating Paste

Step 1: The Rejuvenation Preparation


Step 2: The Protective Coating

It can treat up to 10sqm which protects your product for months.

It restores and protects Balustrading, Lighting Posts, Railings, Yacht Railings, Architectural Panels, Lighting Posts, BBQs, Sculptures and many more.

Step 1: Stainless Steel Rejuvenating Paste

This prepared to remove corrosion and ‘tea staining’ from all stainless steel products both internal and external. It not only removes the contaminants but also pre-conditions the steel for the treatment of Cyndan Stainless Steel Sentry. This formula is pH balanced to counter any corrosive residues which can be remained from previous cleaning products and contaminates. pH balancing aids in the protection of ‘tea staining’ and corrosion.

This product can be used only in conjunction with Cyndan Stainless Steel Sentry.

Step 2: Stainless Steel Sentry

Suitable for all grades of stainless steel. Contains Ultra protection concentrate Cyndan NANOLON. It is the second step of conditioning and protecting Stainless Steel. When applied to the preconditioned coats, Cyndan NANOLON concentrate protects stainless steel microscopically by creating a coat in it for several months. The longevity if the protective coating depends on several conditions.

The Cyndan NANOLON concentrate protects stainless steel from atmospheric corrosion and protects from unsightly ‘tea staining’ and rusting. This product can be used only in conjunction with Cyndan Stainless Steel Rejuvenating Paste.

    Brand: Cyndan,
    Type: Ladders & Grab Rails,

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