Photometer Testing Guidlines

Photometer Testing Guidlines

Photometer Testing Guidlines

Only use tablets designed for use in Lovibond® photometers.

Vials, caps and stirring rods should be cleaned thoroughly after each analysis to prevent interferences. Even minor reagent residues can cause errors in the test result.

Do not use fast dissolving/rapid tablets (green print on the foil) as you will get inaccurate results.

The outside of the vial must be clean and dry before starting the analysis. Clean the outside of the vials with a towel. Fingerprints or other marks will be removed.

Zero calibration and test must be carried out with the same vial as there may be slight differences in optical performance between vials.

Store the unit in a cool dry place away from moisture.

Do not store it in a plant room, service van or any place where chemicals are stored.

Rinse test cells, test cell lid and crushing rod between each test to avoid cross contamination of samples.

Do not leave wet sample cells upside down in the case.

Do not shake the sample to dissolve tablet reagent, always use the crushing rod and place the test cell on a hard flat surface to avoid breaking the bottom of the cell.

The vials must be positioned in the sample chamber for zeroing and test with the mark on the vial aligned with the mark on the instrument.

Contamination of the lens in the sample chamber can result in errors. Check at regular intervals and – if necessary – clean the light entry surfaces of the sample chamber using a moist cloth or cotton buds.
Always perform zeroing and test with the vial cap tightly closed. Only use the cap with a sealing ring.
Bubbles on the inside wall of the vial lead to incorrect measurements. To prevent this, remove the bubbles by swirling the vial before performing the test.
Avoid spillage of water into the sample chamber because this can lead to incorrect test results.
Large temperature differences between the instrument and the environment can lead to errors – e.g. due to the formation of condensation in the area of the lens or on the vial.
To avoid errors caused by stray light do not use the instrument in bright sunlight.
Always add the reagent tablets to the water sample straight from the foil without touching them with the fingers.
The reagents must be added in the correct sequence.

We offer a photometer service that includes cleaning and calibration.

Avoid using the user calibration feature. If calibration is in question phone for details.


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