Lovibond MD 200 Photometer

Lovibond MD 200 Photometer

Lovibond® MD200 Photometer

The Lovibond MD200 has been a trusted for many years. This unit supplies accurate results very quickly and is easy to operate. It’s compact design makes it safe to use as a counter unit or on site. Testing is performed using Lovibond® tablet reagents with long term stability and a shelf life up to 10 years. (OTZ) One Time Zero allows the user to zero once and perform all tests. The zero setting is held in memory.
Scroll Memory avoids unnecessary scrolling for the required test method, the instrument memorises the last method used before switching off the instrument. When the instrument is switched on again, the scroll list comes up with the last used test method first.
Supplied in a carry case with tablet reagents, test cells, accessories, instructions and certificate of compliance.

3 in 1 (Alk)
3 in 1 (Br)
3 in 1 (Cys)
4 in 1
5 in 1
6 in 1
Cyanuric Acid
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness


Bromine 3 (Br)
0.05 – 13.5 mg/l
0.01 mg/l
Calcium Hardness (CaCO3)
0 – 500 mg/l
1.0 mg/l
Chlorine 1 4 (Cl2)
0.01 – 6.0 mg/l
0.01 mg/l
Cyanuric Acid 2 (Cys)
2.0 – 160 mg/l
1.0 mg/l
pH (pH)
6.5 – 8.4 pH
0.01 mg/l
Total Alkalinity (CaCO3)
5 – 200 mg/l
1.0 mg/l
1 Determination of free, Combined and Total.
2 By 1:1 solution dilution.
3 Free and Combined Bromine can be measured with the addition of DPD Nitrite tablets.
4 Use DPD No 1 High Calcium tablets if Turbidity in the water sample caused by high concentration of Calcium and/or high Conductivity.

Brand: Lovibond®
Power: 9 Volt Battery (approx. 600 test with backlit turned off.)
Auto – OFF automatic switch-off
Backlit LCD display (on keypress)
Storage memory for 16 data sets
Real time clock and date
Weight basic unit approx. 400 g
Size: 190 mm x 110 mm x55 mm (unit only)

Photometer Testing Guidelines (Click to Open)

Adobe PDF Logo Lovibond CheckitDirect 4in1 Owners Manual (792 Kb)
Adobe PDF Logo Lovibond CheckitDirect 5in1 Owners Manual (812 Kb)
Adobe PDF Logo Lovibond CheckitDirect 6in1 Owners Manual (840 Kb)

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Code Description
PLOV9148T CheckitDirect Photometer 3 in 1 (Alk)
PLOV9149T CheckitDirect Photometer 3 in 1 (Br)
PLOV9150T CheckitDirect Photometer 3 in 1 (Cys)
PLOV9154T CheckitDirect Photometer 4 in 1
PLOV9155T CheckitDirect Photometer 5 in 1
PLOV9156T CheckitDirect Photometer 6 in 1

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