Dolphin Wave 200XL Commercial Automatic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 200XL Commercial Automatic Pool Cleaner

Get professional cleaning performance with the Dolphin Wave 200 XL, from Maytronics. Best value for your pool cleaning budget and uncompromising performance. This revolutionary institutional pool cleaner delivers long-lasting reliability and the best wall-to-wall cleaning in its class. It is efficient and effectively cleans large commercial pools up to 33 metres regardless of shape or type and provides a single-robot solution for multiple pool facilities.

Cycle Time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  hours
Cable length: 35 m
Water Depth: 0.4 – 7m
Filtration: Spiral 2 layer system
Suction rate: 34 m³/3h
Speed: 12.5m per minute
Brushes: Dual direction active brushes rotates 1.5 faster than the robot
MMI: Control panel for programming and technician support
Remote Control: Manual navigation
Auto Diect Nav System: Accurate gyro and compass system and scanning modes
Caddy: Multipurpose Caddy with Auto Cable Release
Unit weight: 24 kg

Dolphin Wave 200 XL key features & advantages:
Outstanding results:
Line-by-line cleaning
Programmable tracking technology systematically cleans the pool floor one path at a time.

Self-learning intelligent technology and multiple scanning modes deliver fast cleaning of any large institutional pool of any shape or type.

Multi-Pattern Scanning
The advanced navigation system and technology ensure complete and powerful pool coverage.

Spiral three-layer system, clog-free filtration, highly efficient.

Separates and filters rough, fine, and ultra-fine dirt simultaneously.

  • The spiral flow system spins the water with large debris off the course filter net.
  • The course filter mesh retains the large particles allowing the cartridge filter to run longer.
  • The large pleated cartridge filter is set to catch the ultra-fine debris.
  • Top access for easy and convenient maintenance and cleaning with snap-in/out separation of the layers.

Spiral Brush for enhancing Active Brushing system

The dual-direction brush system delivers advanced and superior cleaning.

  • 1.5x brush spin speed of the robot to efficiently sweep dirt from the front and sides.
  • Unique Spiral Brush sweeps dirt from both sides of the robot towards the centre of the vacuum.
  • Four side brushes clean the corners between the pool floor and walls.

Easy to use and maintain
Easy operation and maintenance with interactive MMI for intuitive programming and diagnosis of pool cleaner, including:

  • Automatic pool entry and exit features.
  • Choice of programs and multiple operation modes displayed on a user-friendly LCD screen.
  • Manual maneuvering to clean hard-to-reach pool corners with remote control.
  • Full filter bag indicator.
  • Operation delay feature.

Auto Cable Release, Multipurpose Caddy
Automatically releases just enough cable to reach the far end of the pool and transports the robot. Simply crank the reel to neatly rewind the cable.
Long-lasting value, highly cost-effective.
Setup of up to four different scanning modes and remote control IDs to get optimized cleaning of multiple different pools with a single robot.
Save precious time and minimise interruption.
Easy access and simple repair – technician mode allows diagnosis and service at poolside via a built-in interface with USB connection.

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