DEGREASER Cleaner EC-101 5 litre

DEGREASER Cleaner EC-101 5 litre

DEGREASER Cleaner EC-101 5 litre



1. For cleaning and degreasing pathways around a pool as a safety measure because body oils from feet and deposits of body lotions will cause the path surface to become slippery when wet.

2. Effective cleaner for removal of oils and/or fats from:
Floors and Walls
Engines and Machines
Vinyl floors and Upholstery
Kitchens and Kitchen Equipment

    Degreaser formulated to remove body oils, fats, sun tan lotions etc., from the walls and floor of a swimming pool, as an integral part of the preparation, prior to repainting. EC-101 is manufactured using the purest, high-quality raw materials available.

Use in Steam Cleaner.

Contains no acids, non-caustic, bio-degradable, environmentally friendly.

Supplied as a concentrate and is normally diluted for use at a rate of:
1: 10 for swimming pools.
1: 10 for heavily soiled areas
1:30 to 1:50 for lightly soiled areas.

In extreme cases may be used undiluted.

Supplied in 5 1itre plastic container.

Code Description
PPAI5300D DEGREASER Cleaner EC-101 5 litre


Type: Paint Coatings,

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