Basketball Game – Swim N Dunk Dual Post

Basketball Game – Swim N Dunk Dual Post

This featured SealedSteel® Vinyl-coated, a continuous u-shaped frame that requires little hardware and allows for quick assembly. The SealedSteel® Vinyl surface can stand up to harsh pool environments. This basketball game is best for salt and mineral pool systems. It can be removed anchors for seasonal storage, and the optional anchor caps put in place.

30cm setback to centre of the anchor. 48mm diameter, Stainless Steel, SealedSteel® Vinyl coated frame.

Includes Regulation Rim, Net, Basketball, Needle, Anchor, and Cover Plates (escutcheon).

Brand: SR Smith
Material: 48mm Stainless Steel, Vinyl coated frame
Colour: Black
Application: Residential
Shipping Dimensions: 31kg: 127cm x 86cm x 30 cm

Read this installation instruction for more information.

    Brand: SR Smith,
    Type: Pool Games & Inflatables,

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