COVID-19 Important Update

Aquachem is open for business.

Sanitising pools and spas is one of many ways we can help control the spread of viruses and bacteria.  In this new environment we now find ourselves in, as people stay at home and make use of their pool or spa we thought it imperative to remain open in order to supply industry with the goods and services they require.

There has been unprecedented press coverage in recent days on the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the thousands of families who have been affected by this global pandemic and especially to those who have lost loved ones.

In this challenging and rapidly changing environment, we want to share with you what we are doing to provide continued support for your business operations and to provide safe methods for you to interact with Aquachem.

Firstly, we continue to monitor developments and the public health scenario closely and we are following all advice provided by Governments and Health Authorities.

We have introduced strict personal hygiene practices in our offices, including regular sanitizing of our office and customer areas.  Some of our staff are now working from home. Our sales staff have been instructed not to attend meetings or site visits, but rather to work with all our customers using phone, email, and video conferencing. We expect our internal and field sales staff to continue to be responsive to your needs, and to be customer-focused at all times.

We have introduced social distancing measures at our offices. We have changed seating plans; we are encouraging our staff not to congregate in groups. There will also be changes in the way we interact with visitors to our sites.

We ask that you place orders via email, online or by phone, and where possible have the product delivered to you; instead of coming into our warehouse to pick up goods.  If you do need to pick up, please phone order ahead and we will have picked and packed and ready for collection from car park limiting the number of people entering the warehouse.

In anticipation of supply chain interruptions, we have already made some preparations.  We have significant volumes of stock in transit and we are actively sourcing alternatives if needed. At this point in time Aquachem is holding sufficient stock of most products, and we foresee that we’ll be able to continue supply over the coming months.  I regularly review the situation and the reports from China are that many of our supplier’s factories are now coming back to operation, and the production of raw materials has re-commenced.

Another unexpected issue we are now experiencing is as a result of increased volume of phone calls being made, voice networks are pushed to their limits and this in turn is causing interruptions to our phone lines.  So if you can please limit calls and email enquiries and orders to it would be greatly appreciated.

Aquachem would like to express our gratitude for your patience and understanding during these trying times. We will do our best to provide excellent products and service to all our customers. The safety of our staff, our contractors and our customers are paramount. Aquachem urges you to stay up to date and follow all Government and Health Department directives.

Thank you for your continued support.



David Beitzel

Sales Manager/Director

Aquachem (Vic) Pty Ltd


Grant Harrigan

Operations Manager/Director

Aquachem (Vic) Pty Ltd