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Granudos 10-TOP swimming pool disinfection system using IQ Granu-Chlor 700 granulated Calcium Hypochlorite and IQ Granu-cid acid with flocculant dosing controlled by TOP CONTROL MC for free chlorine, pH, redox and temperature.
IQ Granu-Chlor 700 granulated Calcium Hypochlorite is dosed directly from the intergrated hopper. IQ Granu-cid acid is dosed within the system from the container to correct the pH and to avoid scaling. IQ Granu-Chlor 700 Calcium Hypochlorite and IQ Granu-cid are dosed separately at intervals to the dissolving system from where the very low concentrated chlorine solution is conveyed by a venturi nozzle to the pool water. Unit is self cleaning.

Blue sintered poly ethylene. All functional parts situated to be easily reached for maintenance. Tub for spilling water with drain. The measuring cell as the peristaltic dosing pumps are mounted at the front wall for ease handling and are protected by a transparent cover.

Control System:
LED indications for the measured values. All parameters to control the measuring, dosing and monitoring system are simple to handle by a turn push key and a 4 line display. Chlorine and redox electrodes self cleaning. Monitoring of probe water flow.

Suitable for Pools: 10,000 - 400,000 ltrs
Chlorine max output: 2 kg/h
Acid max output: 1 l/h
Flocculant 5 - 200 ml/l
Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 60 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: approx. 40 kgs


Granudos 10-TOP (New) POA

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