Swimming Pool Resources

There is an increasing amount of paperwork and documentation associated with the Management of Aquatic Facilities. This is required to cover the key aspects of facility management from training to human resources. Much of the documentation is similar in appearance, although it is vital that all documentation reflects the facility which it is intended for.

Life Saving Victoria and Civic Mutual Plus have worked in partnership to create some example framework policies and documents. These are available to access and can be used as a starting point at a facility level. The key to sucessful interpretation and implementation is to ensure that suitable persons review and ammend all documents to ensure that they are relevant and fit for the use at a given facility.

Neither Life Saving Victoria nor Civic Mutual Plus is able to take any responsibility for documentation that is misunderstood, misinterpreted or misused in any way. It is recommneded that all documentation is regularly reviewed as a part of a facilities overall risk management and improvement strategy.

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Download Operations_Manual_Template.doc Operations Manual Template (474KB)                                        Download Lifeguard_Induction_Paperwork.xls Lifeguard_Induction_Paperwork.xls (50KB)

Download Lifeguard_Manual_Template.doc Lifeguard Manual Template (162KB)                                           Download Facility_Inspection_Checklist.xls Facility Inspection Checklist (55KB)

Download Lifeguard_In-service_Training.doc Lifeguard_In-service_Training.doc (119KB)                               Download Daily_Pool_Testing_Log.xls Pool Testing Sheets (39KB)

Download First_Aid_Report_Form.doc First Aid Report Form (53KB)                                                        Download Diving_Depth_Calculator1.xls Diving_Depth_Calculator1.xls (52KB)

Download Post_Event_Analysis_Template_(CMP).doc Post Event Analysis Template (44KB)                                          Download Crest_Locus_Limit_Calculator1.xls Crest_Locus_Limit_Calculator1.xls (42KB)

Download Storage_Area_Chemical_Labels.doc Storage_Area_Chemical_Labels.doc (1.99MB)                        Download Pool_Chemical_Register.xls Pool_Chemical_Register.xls (28KB)


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