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Chemical Training

There are a variety of water chemistry training courses that Aquachem in conjunction with IQ have on offer that seek to challenge and educate all levels of experience. Using their own in-house certified trainer, the courses have a clear focus on breaking down water chemistry in an easy to understand format and how it is applied in the Swimming Pool field of work.

Aquachem/IQ Training Courses are filled with quality content that injects knowledge and expertise in you and your staff. Not only do the courses build confidence, but they also offer the trade an ability to provide their employees a path of continuing education and reward programs.

Courses available:
- Basic Water Chemistry
- Beyond Basics
- Advanced Water Chemistry
- SPASA Unit of Competency, Cert III ‘Chemically Treat Swimming Pool and Spas’ (SPASA3001A)

David Lloyd, Managing Director of IQ mentions that “chemical training and technical back up has always been at the core of our business. It is one of the foundations that a chemical manufacture and supplier must have as everything else grows from it – customer support, marketing, sales and product development. We are pleased to be awarded for our commitment to training and education and confident all levels of experience will take something away from participating in our courses”.

International Quadratics & Pierce Pool Supplies was recently awarded “Commitment to Industry Training and Education” by SPASA.

Please contact David Beitzel for further information on upcoming training courses.

T: (03) 9792 0088


Dealer Training

At Aquachem our team comprises of Industry specialists able to teach and assist our dealer network on a variety of issues including water chemistry, product application, retail sales and success through the following programs:

In-store Training
Our in-store training covers a broad range of topics including water balance training to assistance with staff retail knowledge and to ensure the correct products are being recommended to treat any issues and balance the consumers water.

Sales Folder
The Aquachem Sales folder provides information on every product in the Aquachem range being chemical, equipment and accessories.

Problem Solvers
Aquachem provides easy to follow Problem Solvers to aid in correct assessment of problem and then which chemical should be recommended to fix the problem.

Retailing Support
Aquachem feel it is vital for all dealers to receive full retail support to ensure a successful business.  Dealers can receive assistance with suggested store layouts and design, education and promotions and much more.  Aquachem can also supply point of sale material such as shelf talkers please refer to point of sale.

Aquachem can conduct and assist dealers in staff training. The in-store courses are designed to encourage staff to be confident in the products, be in chemicals or equipment; they are selling and are able to provide outstanding sales and service to the consumer.